Award winners Nordic/Docs 2021

9 priser deles ut på Nordic/Docs; beste film i kategoriene under 30 min, mellom 30 og 60 minutter, og beste helaftens dokumentarfilm. I tillegg priser for beste foto, beste fagfunksjon lyd/ klipp, beste studentfilm, publikumsprisen, juryens spesialpris kan deles ut, samt Nordic Docs Ærespris og Nordic Docs Icon Award.

Best documentary under 30 minutes

«To Feather, to Wither» by Hanna Hovitie, Finland.
Jury´s Honorable mentions: «Manifest» by Ane Hjort Guttu and «More Woman, More Cry» by Anne Haugsgjerd.

Best documentary 31-59 minutes

«Kunsten å plystre» made by Per Maning, and produced by Jørgen Lorentzen.
Jury´s Honorable mentions: «Lille Axel» directed by Fabien Greenberg and Bård Kjøge Rønning and «Og andre historier» directed by Birgitte Sigmundstad.

Best documentary over 60 minutes

«Writing With Fire» by Rintu Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh. Co-produced by Tone Grøttjord-Glenne.
Jury´s Honorable mentions: «Life of Ivanna» directed by Renato Borrayo Serrano and «Radiograph of a Family» directed by Firouzeh Khosrovani.

The Jury's Special Award (Juryens spesialpris)

«Nattebarn» directed by Sverre Kvamme and Petter Aaberg.

The Audience Award

The Nordic/Docs Audience Award 2021 goes to «Sommerbarna” (The Summer Children) directed by Linn Helene Løken.

Nordic/Docs Best Student documentary:

This Award is decided by Nordic/Docs administration.
The student´s films submitted to the festival this year is of increasing high quality, and this proves that the future of Norwegian documentary is secured.
The film we wish to honor is focusing on a very special and personal story. We wish to highlight the director and the team, but also the protagonist, the main person of the story who told her story with great courage.

The Nordic/Docs Award for best student film for 2021 goes to Hansine K Såstad, for the film “Det ingen snakker om”.

FNF/Nordic/Docs Award for Best Cinematography:

Måns Berthas for the film «Oh – it Hertz!”

Honorary mention to Hilde Malme fnf for the film “Rom: Space”.

The Nordic/Docs Jury´s Honorary Award 2021:

Goes to: Anne Haugsgjerd

Nordic/Docs Icon Award:

The Nordic Docs Icon award is given to persons who really have been an Icon for a considerable time, not only to Norwegian documentarians, but to all international colleagues, and to all generations of colleagues.

The person receiving the Icon Award 202, has been an Icon to international documentary colleagues for more years than I can count. The New York Times wrote that he is the greatest documentary filmmaker today.
The Nordic/Docs Icon Award 2021 of course goes to Fred Wiseman.